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Viking River Cruises christened 12 new riverboats in 2015. Celebrate the Viking Longships in Amsterdam, Netherlands with a review of the christening festivities: champagne bottles breaking as well as musicians and acrobats.

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Explore Belgrade, Serbia and Osijek, Croatia on Viking River Cruises' Passage to Eastern Europe itinerary including a violin concert by Zvonimir Krpan and a delightful local home visit.

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Explore Bucharest, Romania and Rousse, Bulgaria on Viking River Cruises' Passage to Eastern Europe itinerary.

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The newly introduced and named MSC Seaside from MSC Cruises is on its way to year-round sailings from Miami beginning in November 2017. In the meantime, watch this detailed fly-through rendering of the new cruise ship's Aqua Park, exciting cantilevered water slides and interactive splash zone.

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Holland America Line's new Koningsdam is closer by the minute to its 2016 launch, and in this video, the new cruise ship's entertainment is previewed.

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MSC Cruises has an unprecedented 7 new cruise ships currently on order – 3 dubbed Seaside Project and 4 dubbed Vista Project. Watch in this video as the cruise line previews both with renderings and a list of features to expect as the vessels launch between 2017 and 2022. 

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